Saturday, June 24, 2006

Spandex, it's not just for shiny gear

Just returned home after a long day of setting up for our Kezar shows tomorrow. We are working with a new set fabrication company and all I can say is I will be dreaming about spandex tonight. I never realized you could make entire stages out of that stuff. Wow..tomorrow is going to rock!

Where is the cleaning crew?

As our big Kezar event gets closer, things get a bit more hectic around the old office, as you can see here. Somewhere under that mess is a desk that I used to plan on giving to our next employee. However, it looks like Chris and Bryan are sending me a sign that they need more workspace. Hmm what a week for our cleaning service not to show up. I wonder if they are getting scared of our production pit?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star

The fun just never stops here at Black Pants. You see, just when Bryan and Chris thought they were on cruise control for a smooth week leading to Kezar on Saturday, we find out some APW guys needed some promo DVDs made ASAP.

Luckily, Pixel Perfect came through huge by making some awesome covers and labels, so our job should be easy. Just dub some footage, right? Not so, we have a bit of a problem with "quickees" here at the office. We like to make things that look good and sometimes that takes a little longer.

So, today's screen shot is of 2 of our video capture stations encoding footage while Bryan and Chris huddle in the dark office working on DVDs, which will turn out amazing, no doubt.

Don't forget. APW at Kezar in 5 days!

Watch what you eat

Uh huh, so here is what I saw when I looked out my window this afternoon. Now you know why I don't eat at that funky "greek" cafe downstairs. Must be somthing in the hummus.

Watching new stars shimmer

A lot of you may have been giving your TV screen a double glance while you were watching WWE RAW recently. Hey... Where do you know that girl from? She just looks so familiar. Gosh. You can't put your finger on it. It's okay. I'll do it for you.

That woman you see standing aside the lovely Trish Stratus is Beth Phoenix. Having spent years on the indy scene, and just recently spending quite a bit of time in OVW, Beth seems to have finally burst on to the WWE scene, and she is doing awesome. I always find it exciting to watch the indy stars grow. For example, we have a few Beth Phoenix matches from her very late indy years against Allison Danger and my favorite, Mischif. I think it's great that fans can go back and see their favorite current superstars on ClickWrestle before they were bigtime. There are so many that you can see too, Samoa Joe, Chris Daniels, Crash Holly (Erin o'grady).. And of course, tons more. I'll try to keep you all updated on the CW indy stars that go on to TNA or WWE.

As for the next Kezar/Chickfight show.. Well. How exciting that the next one is coming up so soon! The footage from these shows is always amazing, and I can't wait to see what Chris does with his robotic arm. Though I can only hope he gets some actual sunlight before before the show. Poor boy.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Who needs the sun when we have computers

So the plan for today's blog was to show a screenshot of this awesome robotic arm interface Chris is creating for the ChickFight 4 DVD.

Instead, it turned out looking like the poor boy is getting blinded by some unnatural burst of light created by an evil Dell LCD monitor.

You will have to take my word for it, the robotic arm is very cool and Chris has promised to stay glued to his chair all weekend in order to get the footage done by ChickFight5 next week in San Francisco.

Speaking of ChickFight, we took a trip out to lovely Haight Ashbury today to scout the location and work out last minute details with the venue today. I still get chills the first time I walk into Kezar Pavilion. The building has so much history and it is great APW is able to have a new home in San Francisco.

Bryan held down the fort while we were gone and I'm sure he made a Sparks and Redline run for a long Friday night of editing wrestling footage.

Keep up the great work, guys! And to all our fans, have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kezar, Kezar, Kezar

Yup folks, it's that time of the month again. The time when your favorite production team's attention turns away from the video servers and turns towards legal pad and design sketches.

APW's big all-day wrestling show takes place on 6/24 in San Francisco and the kick-ass men and women of Black Pants Productions and ClickWrestle will be there in force. Come on out and support APW and see how drawings on a note pad evolve to a full-blown production.

Visit and for show details.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We're in the red zone now

It's no secret that we have the hardest working production team in pro wrestling here at Black Pants, but what you may not know is about the magic juice that keeps them going on those long nights of post editing.

At a recent APW show, head ref Kristina turned us on to an energy drink called "Redline". Imagine RedBull times 20 with a pretty scary warning label and you get an idea of what this stuff does. Anyway, as you can see, our mini fridge is stocked with the stuff and sometimes I wonder if Redline and Starbucks is the best meal for our guys to have each day, but the results speak for themselves. Check out some of the awesome ChickFight 4 previews and the many new matches that are currently live. It's amazing what the team can produce and how we can release a new match every day, even when partying in Vegas for CAC (but that's another story).

Long live Redline! How about a sponsorship, eh?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's Shimmer time once again

Once again it's time for Shimmer. Shimmer Volume 3 is now being released, and you can look forward to it hitting the ClickWrestle front page in the very near future. Old favorites like Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif meet up with new comers to the roster such as Rebecca Knox and Lorelei Lee.

You can expect all of the same quality from Shimmer as before, fantastic footage. wonderful wrestling and beautiful women. In my personal opinion, you should all be sure to check out the illustrious Rebecca Knox. She's quite the mischevious little devil, and the match that she has against Allison Danger will show you just how tricky (and skilled) she can be.

Still don't believe me? Well check her out before her next release, then. We have some old chickfight footage of her against Morgan (who was a little, uhm, unsupported during this match) or against japanese legend, Mariko Yoshida.

Alright. You all have your assignments. Run along now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some how I don't think Sony had her in mind.

Recently the fine folks from IWA-MS sent us in a nice little batch of footage. The matches range from gory (Madman Pondo vs. JC Bailey in a death match!) to CM Punk vs. AJ Styles to matches featuring some great female wrestlers such as MsChif, Allison Danger, and Mickey Knuckles.

A predominant theme in the coming matches, though, is Mickey Knuckles. Knuckles has been taken under the wing of IWA-MS owner Ian Rotten, and has been trained to wrestle in his same brutal style. Mickey takes a lot of pride in her wrestling, and in her business. She isn't your everyday WWE Diva, and she prides herself in it. You can see her in the upcoming footage, or go ahead and check her out in some of the existing ChickFight 3 footage that we have on ClickWrestle. She made it all of the way to the final round where she faced off against the infamous Mariko Yoshida.
So you all keep your eyes open for Mickey. As for me? I'll be steadfastly avoiding any nature scenes. Let's just say that Egg updates are ending, now.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Very, very sneaky, indeed.

So Chris did it again.. He made a very cool preview for all of the Chickfight matches. I told him I would be blogging about his greatness, and I'd like to take a picture of him.. and he proceeded to act like a girl about getting his picture taken. So I took the super-sneaky photo you see above. Ah hah.. Fillet o' feeesh.

Anyhow, Chris made the ChickFight 4 preview that was released today. It's awesome, and has a super creepy finale. You should all watch it and salivate as you wait for the actual matches to release. It was the best ChickFight to date.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's all relative.

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.
-Albert Einstein

So I may have been a little impatient at work on Friday, but it's been busy enough around here for the past two days to keep me occupied, so I am pleased. Recently I have been working less with actual footage, and more with clientelle and customers. This is a change that I like. I love talking to people, I love solving problems. I get to play hero. It's fun.
I have been working on SOME footage, though. I've been cutting and editing the Kezar show, which has been a lot of fun as well. We had 5 cameras shooting the San Francisco Kezar show, and it's been a real learning experience. I have so much to work with that I have the ability to be a lot more choosey about the cuts I make. It's wonderful.. It's so, so pretty. I get to watch this 3-way match with Melissa, MsChif, and Mercedes in 5 angles. You all should be very jealous.

Friday, April 21, 2006

It's kinda sihry.. But not rearry.

It's a lonely day in the ClickWrestle offices today. Bryan? Sick. Chris? Day off. BossMan? Well.. I am never quite sure what BossMan is up to. So today it's just me and a couple people from a seperate business in the office. And while I generally like the work environment to be a little less crowded, the fact that today is Friday makes this a little harder on me. I want to goooo... I want to play.. I want to run around on the beaches of Santa Monica. Alas.

Instead? I am working on getting more footage providers. (aww, man.. One of the guys from the other company is leaving, too, now! Bah!) While I am sure Indy Wrestling Promotions across the nation understand the whole nationwide coverage/income deal, I don't think they have business on their mind, either. They all want to play on the beaches of Santa Monica as well.

Oh my god. The last employee just left. What am I doing here? Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Perhaps Egg was as worried about Momma Pigeon as I was, after seeing the state of Something Else Completely (formerly Unfortunate Pigeon) and Other Egg, and has fled the nest... Or perhaps Momma Pigeon has struck again. I can't tell yet. All I know is that Egg is now about a foot away from the nest, and has little tiny cracks in him, as you can see in the photo. I fear egg is either dead (dying?) after a mishap with Momma Pigeon, or perhaps Egg is hatching? Let's hope for the latter. 100% mortality rate is just too much, folks.

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.. Dude.

..but I can't seem to avoid noticing one of APW's top wrestler's physiques lately. Former All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Kafu, wrestled the ECW Hardcore Legend, The SandMan, this Past Saturday at Kezar in San Francisco.

Kafu, while a little insane, has made some vast improvements as of late. His wrestling, his passion, and what I noticed the most this past Saturday, his looks! He has really stepped up and taken care of himself. Check out Kafu 2/3 years ago:

Look at the improvement! In any case.. I'm thinking you should all keep your eye on this Indy star. I am betting he is going to be a pretty big deal one day soon. Even if he is one crazy dude.. The Brazilian Beast (Beef?) is definitely going to move on up.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2000 more raindrops, and my cup doth not overfloweth.

Ah ha! And now it is time for those reviews I promised. I am a woman of my word. ;)

ChickFight numbero quatro. How exciting these female shows are. There is a whole different atmosphere. During the opening round Mercedes Martinez defeated Carla Jade, Cheerleader Melissa defeated Rain, MsChif defeated Candice LaRae, and Lacey defeated Hailey Hatred. These four matches were good. Some were a bit short for my liking. I really would of liked to see Candice LaRae get a little more play. I hear she isn't half bad, but she just didn't have a chance against my pick of the night, MsChif.

In the Semi-Final round of ChickFight 4, there was Mercedes versus Melissa and MsChif versus Lacey. While MsChif is still my strong favorite of the show, Melissa and Mercedes really put on the match of the night during this round. These girls did not hold back at all. Every punch, every kick, everything they did hit home and HARD. How either of them managed to wrestle again after this match, I do not know. I saw both of these women back-stage after the show and they were completely covered in the most grotesque bruises. If I ever had any doubts about whether or not wrestling was real or not, they completely vacated my mind after seeing those girls post-match. These women really beat the snot out of eachother.

And as the Final Round of ChickFight 4, we see MsChif take on Mercedes Martinez. This was a fantastic match. I loved it, but I have a small reservation. I feel like if these women weren't so broken and bruised, there could of been an even better match. I often feel this way after tournaments, though. I will think about how fantastic a match is, but then thing.. "Wow! It would of been even BETTER if these girls didn't just completely exhaust themselves twice before this match ever took place today!" Tournament style or no, this match was great.. There was a few unexpected events that took place during the match, but it all made everything even better. In the end? Well.. Never go against my picks. ;)

And last, but certainly not least... There were Zombies.. Oh yes. There were zombies. Bwa haha!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Never put all of your eggs in one basket.. Especially this basket.

Ahh.. After a long weekend that included a holiday and a huge show, I am sure you are all just chomping at the bit for a review.. Well. I am going to make you all wait for it. Bwa-ha-ha. Honestly, I still need time to digest all that happened on Saturday. It was so huge. 2 big bad shows that we have been working on for so long now. It's amazing to me that not so long ago I was calling venue after venue trying to help BossMan nail down a location. Look how far that progressed? It's a lot of fun to see a project through. I feel pretty good about that.

So.. Since I am not going to leave you with a review, I will leave you with a few of my favorite photos, and a quick word about the pigeons.

I just want to say.. This whole nature-watching pigeon baby experience is really starting to get me down. I scared off Momma Pigeon today in order to check out the eggs. Unfortunate Pigeon is still there, but appears to be turning in to something else completely. I look at the eggs.. and it's not eggs anymore. It's egg. Where did other-egg go?! What is Momma Pigeon doing? So now it's just Egg and Momma Pigeon. Other Egg is gone.. forever? Where could Other Egg have gone? He is not in the vicinity. I know Other Egg couldn't of just taken off. I think Momma Pigeon sold Other Egg on the black market. I fear for Egg's life. Will Egg turn out like Other Egg and Unfortunate Pigeon? What a motley crew this is..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Well you're a real tough cookie with a long history..

So, while I am very excited about the whole day on Saturday.. I must admit that I do have a special place in my heart for ChickFight. Being a strong supporter of women's issues, and a bit of a feminist, I always find it exciting when an all female event takes place in a male dominated realm. When it is an event like ChickFight, where the women are presented as strong, capable, athletic, and smart rather than the more prevaliant bimbo eye-candy, it's something I truely get inspired by.

I thought I'd talk a little about the contestants of ChickFight today, I'll go in order of the pictures descending the right side of this column. First off we have the lovely, if ill-tempered, Rain. Rain has competed in one prior ChickFight, the last one in fact. She faced off against Mariko Yoshida, who promptly turned Rain's knew only pain. Rain didn't have much of a world into a place that showing at that event, so I am hoping I get to see a little bit more from her this time around.

Next we have MsChif. MsChif has really caught my eye recently. Beyond her passion and rage, she is backed by amazing flexibility and tremendous athletic ability. I have seen this woman in some amazing matches against some great wrestlers. She wrestled in a cage match versus Mickey Knuckles that was absolutely brutal. In the recent past she wrestled Cheerleader Melissa at Shimmer, the two of them tore each other apart. MsChif is definately a favorite of mine coming in to this tournament.

Mercedes Martinez is our next competitor. She is a powerhouse. Her style of wrestling can be likened to those such as Sara Del Ray, the amazing women Japanese Wrestling like Ninja Ranmaru or Drake Morimatsu. This latina is definately a force to be reckoned with, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her leaving this tournament with a victory.

Melissa is a favorite and has competed in all 3 prior
ChickFight tournaments. Coming in to the finals at the first two, and timing out in a battle against Sara Del Ray at the last. I am interested to see what will happen with her at the end of this bout.

Lacey! I am also very excited about this competitor.
Lacey has been a growing favorite of mine as well.
Probably my 2nd favorite wrestler in the tournament, in fact. Lacey has a lot of attitude, but some great skills in the ring too. I'd be a happy camper seeing Lacey win this ChickFight.

Lastly we have Carla Jade and Candace La Rae. I don't know entirely too much about either of these wrestlers, as I haven't seen much work from either of them. Candace La Rae is a nice little Canadian chica who had participated in ChickFight 1, she quickly was eliminated from the tournament, having had the unfortunate luck of running in to Princess Sugey, ChickFight 1 champion, during the first round. Either of these girls might just have something up their sleeves, but I don't know enough to make any predictions.

So who do I think will win? Well.. My money is on MsChif at this point. She is my favorite, and I'll stick with her. As far as other predictions for Saturday? Well.. I predict that Bryan will be staying clear of the cage during Kafu's match versus the Sandman. That's one cage he wont want to be locked in.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Much ado about something; Twelve thousand raindrops in every ocean.

So I have been talking about this Kezar Show for weeks now. I figure it's time to give you all the low-down on what's what. Here in San Francisco, we will be holding the 4th ever ChickFight tournament and also one more huge mixed-gender show on Saturday.

With two shows in one day, there is a ton going on. The Chickfight show will have 8 of the nation's worthiest female wrestlers competing, including ClickWrestle favorites like Melissa, MsChif, Hailey Hatred, and Mercedes Martinez.

The night time will be your classic All Pro Wrestling show, amplified ten times over. We will be having the ECW Hardcore Legend, The Sandman, take on our own former Universal HeavyWeight Champion, Kafu in a steel cage. Ahh.. The gore that will follow!

And it's all only ten bucks. Not too shabby, eh? Everyone should come! Carpool. Call your neighbors. Bring people who don't even like wrestling.. They can always watch our Undead Zombie Burlesque Dancers (who are worth way more than just ten bucks in themselves.) gyrate their much decayed hips and feast on the blood (brains) of innocents.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Miss Congeniality

This little lady managed to pop up on's front page twice today, so I thought I'd go ahead and talk about her in the blog, too. Make it a nice little tri-fecta. So, here we have "The Well Rounded" Christie Ricci. She is featured in the match of the day and had a new match released just yesterday.

Ricci, who was a tomboy growing up, found her softer side as a teen and started competing in beauty pageants. She gained the title of Miss Teen Tennessee and competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant. Her history in pageantry no doubt leads to her current nick-name in the ring, the Mississippi Queen. In any case, Christie is a great wrestler and I encourage you all to watch her matches. (On a side note.. she has the spiffiest little kneepad/boot cover things. Very cool.)

Other news? If you open up today's issue of the SF Guardian to page 39 you will see APW's Derek Sanders posing with his APW Universal HeavyWeight title and Melissa putting Sara Del Ray in to an inverted Texas cloverleaf submission. How neat is that? On top of that you'll see a little spot pimpin' out this Saturday's show at the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco. Come check it out! All your favorite female wrestlers will be there, all of your favorite APW stars will be there, and even the ECW Hardcore Legend "The Sandman" will be there. For more info, check out

Lastly.. Pigeons. Unfortunate Pigeon is still unfortunate. Momma pigeon is roosting so often that I havent been able to check on the eggs.. Hopefully her extra roosting will make up for the fact that she has shown such a lackluster performance up to this point.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Avian Flu - Doom.

So, I am going to stick away from the morbid pigeon stories today. Bossman gave me a good little scare though, something about the avian flu. I will try not to die.

I spent the day reviewing possible new footage carriers. A lot of new female stuff might be coming our way. A lot of smaller names, new faces. I hope it works out. It's always nice to see newer faces in wrestling.. Especially pretty ones like these girls.

In other news, there is a match coming out in the next few days that features Melissa versus a great Japanese wrestler, Drake Morimatsu. The match is fantastic, but that's not what I want you guys to look for. Check out the awesome match preview that our new employee, Chris, has made. It's really, really good. So keep your eyes open for that.

Speaking of Chris, I've come to a conclusion about him. Dude looks just like Crispin Glover. You know... Crispin Glover? From Charlies Angels? And Willard? Here. See for yourself.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Not all that shines is gold, so we'll stick to Shimmering

I come to you all today with mixed news. I have some good, and some bad. I'll start off with the good.

Shimmer! Yay, yay! Huzzah! Shimmer Volume two is finally being released on How exciting. All of our favorite American female wrestlers at each other's throats once more. I love the shimmer footage. The quality of the video alone is great. Such crisp pictures with ideal lighting. Yesterday's release was great, too.. A 4 way battle including Mercedes Martinez and Sara Del Ray. It was a great follow up to the match those two had at the prior event which concluded in a 20 minute draw. Those two women are so powerful. It's amazing to watch them in the ring.

Speaking of Mercedes, she'll be in town next week at the Kezar Pavilion when APW brings back ChickFight. If you are in the San Francisco area, definitely come check her out.

And now... The bad news. Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to admit something.. I may have been wrong. So, I have been pretty excited about this baby pigeon thing. The eggs, the cuteness, the maternal. Whatever. The guys in the office thought it was silly, but I was stoked. As it turns out, this fascination has turned south. Maybe pigeons really are dumb.

When I came to the office this morning, I glanced out the window to check on the pigeon-baby-egglings. I saw Momma Pigeon sitting in the nest. Good, right? Noon comes around, and momma Pigeon is still sitting in nest. Fine. I open the window so I can crawl out and take a picture, and Momma Pigeon takes off. What I see next is a sad, sad thing. First off. The eggs aren't there. Why? Where did they go? Second off.. the was another pigeon behind Momma Pigeon. We will call this pigeon Unfortunate Pigeon. Unfortunate Pigeon is in an uncomfortable position and isn't moving. It's safe to say that Unfortunate Pigeon might be deceased. Confused, I looked around. Where are the eggs? Oh. There they are. Lying in a puddle of water, having fallen from the nest. (about a 6 inch fall) Momma Pigeon is either a mass murderer, or just doing very poorly and the whole "momma" thing. In any case. I felt a little bad, so I plucked up the eggs and put them back in the nest, hoping they aren't too damaged. Yes. I put the water-logged egglettes next to Unfortunate pigeon. We'll see what happens, but I am definitely under-whelmed with the whole maternal pigeon process. Stupid birds.

The moral of the story? There are 2. First: Don't pay too much attention to wild-life. It's morbid. Second: Come watch Mercedes! This Saturday!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Fever

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today;
And give us not to think so far away
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
All simply in the springing of the year.

-Robert Frost (A prayer in spring)

Ahh. Spring is here, and we have many new arrivals at the office. 3 to be exact. No, Bryan isn't pregnant, and I haven't had any babies. I'll elaborate. Let me start off by sharing with you all the most notable new arrival; Chris.

As I mentioned before, we have a new employee. Chris has jumped right in to things here at the office. At the moment he is currently making a preview for an upcoming match between Melissa and Drake Morimatsu. It's fantastic. He's going to be a great addition to the office. Chris is a nice kid, who allows me to photograph him and plaster him upon the internet.. So he's alright in my book.

And the other 2 new arrivals at the office? Pidgeons! Yay! The boys of the office think I am nuts, but I am rather excited. In the office we have a little window that peeks in to a crevice in the building. There is nothing really to look at. The fact that there is a window in that location is a little confounding in the first place, but there it is. There has always been pidgeons hanging out there, they sort of sleep and hang out. Never mind the fact that someone had plopped an owl statue out there to try to scare them away. I always look out there and sort of space out when I need a break from wrestling. Yesterday I noticed there were two little tiny itty bitty pidgeon eggs. Brand new babies! How fun! So I am going to keep track of the babies, take pictures, and give you all updates.

Probably not the most exciting thing for you wrasslin' fans.. But this isn't a wrasslin' blog. This is ClickWrestle behind-the-scenes. And behind-the-scenes of ClickWrestle is a geeky gal who thinks the new pidgeon eggs are almost as exciting as the upcoming zombie-queen go go dancers.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I didn't even have to photoshop these ones.

The company that has founded, BlackPants inc., has teamed up with All Pro Wrestling to put on a wrestling show on April 15th at the Kezar stadium in San Francisco. A large part of my job for the past two days has been to find some entertainment for the half-time show. And here they are... The Living Dead Girlz.

If you haven't seen them before, you should check them out. They are pretty awesome. Think Go-Go Dancers.. With an obscene twist. It's fantastic. What could be better than a bunch of hot, undead zombie dancers after brains and blood?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The 21st century Fox

So, there is a new lady on the scene. She goes by "The 21st century Fox". I had seen her name floating around a bit starting a few months ago. She joined up on and I started taking notice to her.

This morning Bossman walked in with an armful of tapes and said, "Here, new content provider" and sort of stumbled out into the freezing depths of our offices. I checked it out, and it looks like we are going to start carrying footage from the Pure Wrestling Association. PWA is a promotion in Ontario, Canada and they just happen to have 21st century Fox on their roster. After reviewing the footage, I was finally able to see her wrestle. She's not bad! In the 2 matches I saw her in, she was facing off against ClickWrestle favorite, Melissa. These matches should be online soon, and I encourage you all to check 'em out.

In other news, it looks like we have a new employee here at the ClickWrestle offices. How exciting. I wonder if he will be as full of charm as the lovely Bryan. More-over, I wonder how I can eventually lock him in a cage? Hmm...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Since you've been gone.. I can feel (my fingers) for the first time.

Bryan is out of the office today, which means I am spending the first day in my new office alone. I must admit.. Excellence. There are a few things I wasn't expecting when I heard about the new office. They are all good things so far. For example.. It's widely known that I am the coffee-mule around these parts. My last office's closest starbucks trip took about 20 minutes round trip. This office has a Starbucks that is much, much closer bringing my Starbucks trip down to like 8 minutes. Sweet.

Also, since Bryan is out, I sort of have full reign of my little office. It's a dark, moody little room full of video equipment and computers and generic light. I love it. My biggest complaint yesterday was that it was fr-fr-freeeeezing. Well, since I am all alone, I put the space heater under my desk, and closed my doors. The room heated up in no time at all. It's toasty now. I have old APW footage capturing in the corner, and the volume is up and I don't have to worry about bugging the other people in the office because I have my own(ish) room! I feel like a teenage girl again.

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas. (Why is it so cold?!)

New office. It's got it's ups and downs so far. For example. At the moment it's probably about 4 degrees in the office that Bryan and I share. Definately a downside. On the plus side: There is a sweet arcade right next door with 8 different pin-ball games. INCLUDING Adams Family. It doesn't get much better than that. (Unless you account for the old school Dungeuns and Dragon's game.) The area is nice though.. There is this little back alley with some trendy bars and some really yummy-smelling restaurants. Lots of food in the area. I had some sort of roasted chicken for lunch today that was excellent.

All of the equipment is set up. Looks like we will be back in the swing of things in no time. Bryan and I wandered the hardware store like two lost puppies today, looking for little things we need to tie the office together. It was a pretty sad little affair. I looked at the lady behind the counter with my best "please save me" look and she found the extremely expensive light bulbs I needed. Then I wandered over to the loose screws and nails section and sort of fumbled around. I came out with 2 fistfulls of screws and wall anchors when Bryan had to turn me around and show me the little baggies and information section you had to fill out. It was like a tiny ikea. I got out of there without losing any limbs. I am a lucky girl.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow.

"Weep if you must,
Parting is hell.
But life goes on,
So sing as well."
-Joyce Grenfell

Today is moving day. Goodbye to the cage, goodbye to walking in to a pitch black office every morning and stumbling to find a light switch. Goodbye to the freezing cold atmosphere that is maintained to keep the server happy. Goodbye to the yummy italian place on the corner with the super-hot bartender. Goodbye to Alex at the Soup Company who greets me so warmly every morning. Goodbye to the russian guy at Subway who gets confused when he asks me "Cheese?" and I say "Shredded" 3 times a week, every time. Goodbye to the Saxophone player on the corner who plays "My Funny Valentine" every time he spots me coming down the road. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

And hello? To what? I am not too sure yet. New office. I hear it used to be pink. Bossman wouldn't stand for it though. Alas. I'll let you all know how the move goes. You all have a lot of APW stuff to look forward to this weekend. Possibly a few WWWA releases. I'll see you all Monday, constant readers.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Angel Williams

When I opened up my browser to check out clickwrestle's newest featured match of the day I saw a picture of a woman with Daizee Haze's legs so completely wrapped around her head, that I couldn't figure out who she was. (Bryan clearly made that screen shot.) I looked at her gear and body and thought that it was perhaps Lacey. A quick glance at the title of the featured match told me that was not so. "Mercedes Martinez and Angel Williams vs. Daizee Haze and Mickie Knuckles" Angel Williams? Who is Angel Williams? I decided to do a little studying.

Angel Williams seems to have been trained by Rob Fuego. She appears to have a developmental contract with the WWE and is working for Deep South Wrestling. Very cool, eh? Be sure to check out her, and this match, today. =)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Days are lost to wind and whim.

Back to work! While there was a nice little break on Thursday and Friday for our graphics training, it is over now. So the went the weekend. Break time is so fleeting.

Today Bryan and I started working on a few new formats for our upcoming previews. Trying to keep it cohesive. I got new UWF footage, which looks pretty awesome. There is a casket match with Abyss and Sabu (Who else?), and even a midget match. Sweet. Little people are the best.

I am hearing murmers in the hall of some pretty impressive female footage coming in, so keep your eyes open, kids. Looks like there is some great stuff on the way. Plus, if you are looking for some great stuff we already have, check out the MPT versus JJ Perez match that just released. That match comes to you free from APW and took place only 1 month ago. How awesome is that?

Friday, March 03, 2006

JJ versus The Hulk

Second day of Photoshop bootcamp today. "Dave is really cool. He's a super-cool teacher!" He asks me to report. I guess it's true. What other teacher do I get to hear have conversations on his cell phone about surfing? In the middle of winter? Yea. Come on. He's clearly a cool guy.

If anyone has been watching, you will have seen that the Sara vs. Melissa falls count anywhere preview has changed a few times. We've been tweaking it here at the office, trying to get it just right. It's currently on version three, which has a lot more clips from the match in it. Check it out.. I haven't made 15 versions of this thing for nothing. ;)

Otherwise, TGIF. You all have a wicked-cool weekend. Or is it super-cool? I dunno. Ask Dave. I leave you with something I was fiddling with during class. Enjoy! (Notice the subtle liposuction!)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sorry, Melissa.

Hey guys. So bossman sprung for a little graphics arts training for the office. Today and Tomorrow we have PhotoShop bootcamp. We are going over the basics for now, and while it's redundant at times, there is a lot of cool stuff I totally forgot about. I found new ways to utilize simple tools. Our Teacher, an awesome guy named Dave, spent the day in front of the company alternately training and rave-dancing. All in all, a very amusing day.

And what did I accomplish? Well.. BossMan thinks I am a little morbid now, but check it out.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A question mark on a calendar.

I can't believe that the featured match today, Melissa versus Jaqueline, took place nearly a year ago.. Seems like only yesterday. It was a wonderful match, and everyone knows that both of those women are great workers, so I don't have too much to say about it. I'll just leave you off with this nice little picture to look at while I update you all on what's going on around the office.

Just yesterday my lovely cherub of a coworker turned around every preview we have here on CW and gave it a quicktime counterpart. Good work on his part. I finished up a little bit of WWWA footage recently, so that will be coming out soon. In fact, it looks like they have decided they want to put a few promotional videos out as well for free streaming on ClickWrestle. Free is always good!

We're moving out of the cage, soon. =( We have a new office, and that means I can't pull any more lock-Bryan-in-the-cage type capers. I'll figure something out though.. the office has a little trap window in one of the walls.. Hmm.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sara Del Ray

Today's feature match is a match that has Sara Del Ray during her early days as "Nikki". I remember watching the early matches of Sara, even when she was very new to wrestling and still training she had such great potential. And while she was beautiful and very talented then, I had no idea just how good of a wrestler she would grow to be.

You can see some of her more recent stuff featured in Shimmer and APW. (I'd link you to the shimmer website, but the picture on the front page is not de-interlaced and it makes me sad to look at it.. Fine, fine.. Here's the link! Just don't look directly at that photo.) She is really a power house, the training she has recieved at the Inoki Dojo really did her very well. Her matches against Mercedes Martinez (featured on ClickWrestle) and Melissa (also on ClickWrestle!)

Definately, definately check it out.. And some web designer needs to write to me so I can set up her getting a web page.. She is so talented! I can't believe she doesn't have a web page!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Tito Aquino vs. JJ Perez

A tad later than I expected, but that free match I mentioned on Friday came out this morning! All Pro Wrestling pulls through again with a freebie. =) In this match you see the very long-standing champion, JJ Perez, take on a newcomer to the ranks of All Pro Wrestling, Tito Aquino.

Tito is a short, stout wrestler. He resembles Tazz a bit in that way, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in aggression. He is a little fireball.. Definately check out the match today if you haven't seen him wrestle before.

So, non work related.. I watched Final Destination over the weekend. Ew. That's all I have to say. Ew ew ew. Never.. tanning.. again.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Have a good weekend folks!

This weekend should be full of APW matches, as there are 7 APW matches only 2 UWF matches matches ready to be released. One of those matches happens to be a free streaming internet title match, so keep your eye out for a freebie this weekend. =)

I, being the lucky gal I am, am going to take off early from work today.. So, short blog! I hope you all have a good weekend. Don't forget to check out our last free match, the 4-way match released 2 days ago that is current at number 1 on the list of top rated matches. Adios, folken.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pinoy Boy

This morning's release features Pinoy Boy versus Sean Stryker. Pinoy Boy seems like any small-time indy kid in this match, but boy is that not true. Pinoy Boy is known as TJ Perkins these days. It just so happens that TJ has come quite a ways since 2001, when the match that was released today occured. In fact.. If you were in the Southern California area during this past December, you could of dropped on by to Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and seen good ol' "Pinoy Boy" wrestle Christopher Daniels!

It's hard to believe that just 5 years ago, TJ Perkins was wrestling the "Sean Stryker"s of the world, and has moved up to wrestling one of the most well-known names in Professional Wrestling today. Awesome work, Perkins! Keep it up.. And everyone else? See Puma before his prime in todays match!