Friday, April 21, 2006

It's kinda sihry.. But not rearry.

It's a lonely day in the ClickWrestle offices today. Bryan? Sick. Chris? Day off. BossMan? Well.. I am never quite sure what BossMan is up to. So today it's just me and a couple people from a seperate business in the office. And while I generally like the work environment to be a little less crowded, the fact that today is Friday makes this a little harder on me. I want to goooo... I want to play.. I want to run around on the beaches of Santa Monica. Alas.

Instead? I am working on getting more footage providers. (aww, man.. One of the guys from the other company is leaving, too, now! Bah!) While I am sure Indy Wrestling Promotions across the nation understand the whole nationwide coverage/income deal, I don't think they have business on their mind, either. They all want to play on the beaches of Santa Monica as well.

Oh my god. The last employee just left. What am I doing here? Waaaaaaaaaaah!

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