Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2000 more raindrops, and my cup doth not overfloweth.

Ah ha! And now it is time for those reviews I promised. I am a woman of my word. ;)

ChickFight numbero quatro. How exciting these female shows are. There is a whole different atmosphere. During the opening round Mercedes Martinez defeated Carla Jade, Cheerleader Melissa defeated Rain, MsChif defeated Candice LaRae, and Lacey defeated Hailey Hatred. These four matches were good. Some were a bit short for my liking. I really would of liked to see Candice LaRae get a little more play. I hear she isn't half bad, but she just didn't have a chance against my pick of the night, MsChif.

In the Semi-Final round of ChickFight 4, there was Mercedes versus Melissa and MsChif versus Lacey. While MsChif is still my strong favorite of the show, Melissa and Mercedes really put on the match of the night during this round. These girls did not hold back at all. Every punch, every kick, everything they did hit home and HARD. How either of them managed to wrestle again after this match, I do not know. I saw both of these women back-stage after the show and they were completely covered in the most grotesque bruises. If I ever had any doubts about whether or not wrestling was real or not, they completely vacated my mind after seeing those girls post-match. These women really beat the snot out of eachother.

And as the Final Round of ChickFight 4, we see MsChif take on Mercedes Martinez. This was a fantastic match. I loved it, but I have a small reservation. I feel like if these women weren't so broken and bruised, there could of been an even better match. I often feel this way after tournaments, though. I will think about how fantastic a match is, but then thing.. "Wow! It would of been even BETTER if these girls didn't just completely exhaust themselves twice before this match ever took place today!" Tournament style or no, this match was great.. There was a few unexpected events that took place during the match, but it all made everything even better. In the end? Well.. Never go against my picks. ;)

And last, but certainly not least... There were Zombies.. Oh yes. There were zombies. Bwa haha!

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