Monday, April 10, 2006

Not all that shines is gold, so we'll stick to Shimmering

I come to you all today with mixed news. I have some good, and some bad. I'll start off with the good.

Shimmer! Yay, yay! Huzzah! Shimmer Volume two is finally being released on How exciting. All of our favorite American female wrestlers at each other's throats once more. I love the shimmer footage. The quality of the video alone is great. Such crisp pictures with ideal lighting. Yesterday's release was great, too.. A 4 way battle including Mercedes Martinez and Sara Del Ray. It was a great follow up to the match those two had at the prior event which concluded in a 20 minute draw. Those two women are so powerful. It's amazing to watch them in the ring.

Speaking of Mercedes, she'll be in town next week at the Kezar Pavilion when APW brings back ChickFight. If you are in the San Francisco area, definitely come check her out.

And now... The bad news. Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to admit something.. I may have been wrong. So, I have been pretty excited about this baby pigeon thing. The eggs, the cuteness, the maternal. Whatever. The guys in the office thought it was silly, but I was stoked. As it turns out, this fascination has turned south. Maybe pigeons really are dumb.

When I came to the office this morning, I glanced out the window to check on the pigeon-baby-egglings. I saw Momma Pigeon sitting in the nest. Good, right? Noon comes around, and momma Pigeon is still sitting in nest. Fine. I open the window so I can crawl out and take a picture, and Momma Pigeon takes off. What I see next is a sad, sad thing. First off. The eggs aren't there. Why? Where did they go? Second off.. the was another pigeon behind Momma Pigeon. We will call this pigeon Unfortunate Pigeon. Unfortunate Pigeon is in an uncomfortable position and isn't moving. It's safe to say that Unfortunate Pigeon might be deceased. Confused, I looked around. Where are the eggs? Oh. There they are. Lying in a puddle of water, having fallen from the nest. (about a 6 inch fall) Momma Pigeon is either a mass murderer, or just doing very poorly and the whole "momma" thing. In any case. I felt a little bad, so I plucked up the eggs and put them back in the nest, hoping they aren't too damaged. Yes. I put the water-logged egglettes next to Unfortunate pigeon. We'll see what happens, but I am definitely under-whelmed with the whole maternal pigeon process. Stupid birds.

The moral of the story? There are 2. First: Don't pay too much attention to wild-life. It's morbid. Second: Come watch Mercedes! This Saturday!

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