Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.. Dude.

..but I can't seem to avoid noticing one of APW's top wrestler's physiques lately. Former All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Kafu, wrestled the ECW Hardcore Legend, The SandMan, this Past Saturday at Kezar in San Francisco.

Kafu, while a little insane, has made some vast improvements as of late. His wrestling, his passion, and what I noticed the most this past Saturday, his looks! He has really stepped up and taken care of himself. Check out Kafu 2/3 years ago:

Look at the improvement! In any case.. I'm thinking you should all keep your eye on this Indy star. I am betting he is going to be a pretty big deal one day soon. Even if he is one crazy dude.. The Brazilian Beast (Beef?) is definitely going to move on up.

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