Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IWA-MS is novacaine for violence.

So, ever since I watched all of these IWA-Mid South matches, I've been feeling a little desensitized to the pain in other wrestling matches. For example, that clip I posted earlier? Looks neat, but nah.. couldn't of hurt anyone! Or perhaps MsChif being bent into an inverted Four Leaf Clover by Melissa and getting kicked in the head with her own foot? (By the way, you can see that in the ChickFight 7 matches that have begun releasing yesterday!) Bah. That's nothing in comparison to some of these male Death Matches that are on their way to ClickWrestle from IWA-MS. Just.. Just.. ugh. Keep your eyes open. Or closed.. but.. yea.

Anyhow, what I said a moment ago is true ChickFight 7, UK edition, is finally releasing! I was quite pleased to see Lacey in the first release. I am not quite sure why, but she's always been a personal favorite of mine. She is a pretty good wrestler, and smokin' hot.. but I think it's the attitude. In any case. Definitely check out her latest release. Lacey versus UK wrestler, Eden Black. It's a great match, and I am not quite sure if I remember Lacey spitting on anyone.. but even if she doesn't? Still worth it.

Things are good here at the office. It looks like I ruffled Bossman's feathers about this mysterious thing a bit too much.. As he sent me to the store today for Safety Pins and Post-its. And refused to tell me what for. Said it was for a secret project. Ugh.

This should be seen...

So.. while editing MPT's match against Petey Williams from last October, I came across this clip of Scotty Aboot doing some crazy flippy thing off the balcony of the Dome. While the match won't be going on CW anytime soon, I think Mr. Aboot should get some props for doing something so risky. So check it out here!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The inter-San Franciscan Man of Mystery

I think Bossman likes to come off as a mysterious, enigmatic, emotionless, corporate type. He's really, really not. It's funny. He will wear his hip glasses, his tailored black coats, and sport his cool leather blinds in his office.. but when it comes down to it, he really is just a big softie. Bossman took Chris and I out to lunch and coffee again today; we had Thai and snarky conversation. Overall a good time. I got to thinking about it, and BossMan takes us out all the freaking time. He can't be such a robot if he takes such good care of us. Chris and I have decided Bossman should adopt us, officially. Somehow I don't think he'd go for it.. let alone his new Latina Wifey, Mrs. Bossman.

Has anyone checked out OnlineWorldofWrestling ? It's the new and improved Obsessed With Wrestling site. After a small amount of domain dispute, they have a new site and it's really neat. They've been giving a lot of attention to female wrestling these days, which I really appreciate, because it's a personal interest of mine. They even had a recent review of our ChickFight 5 DVD. (Look here!) Our production staff got special props.

" A lot of great independent organizations put out some really cool DVD's but they all seem to follow the same generic production rules. Both of the Chick Fight DVD's that I've watched featured jaw-dropping audio and visual effects far superior to anything I've seen in wrestling outside of WWE and TNA. The special effects used are integrated to perfection during this show without taking away from the in-ring abilities of any of the girls. So for production value this DVD gets a perfect score of ten out of ten"

How freaking awesome is that? I am very, very proud of production. (Ahem, Chris!) Be sure to get your hands on the matches here at ClickWrestle.Com, too! Immediate satisfaction. How about that? All right.. Time to get out of here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

We didn't start the fire.

Quick blog today, since I have a short day. I just wanted to let you all know that nothing is more amusing than having Bossman return from his trip... only to walk into the room with an extremely large fire extinguisher and set it directly on Chris' desk. Very funny stuff.

I was able to talk Chris into finalizing the ChickFight 7 footage, so it looks like all that pressure worked! And today's release is another free match from APW. MPT versus Psichosis. Great match, check it out - it's on the house!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Even better than Jumble Capers.

Today was supposed to be caper day. And while it was filled with some minor capers, it was mostly crappy-day for me. Crappy thing number 1: When I came in to work today, my key got stuck in the front door. Not a huge deal, but it ended up delaying me about 1/2 an hour. Some nice man from the Greek restaurant next door was kind enough to un-stick my key for me, and then it was on with my day.

When I got upstairs, I finished capturing the last match I need to work on from the San Francisco Kezar Stadium show on 9/02/06. It happened to be the Dana Lee vs. Derek Sanders match, where Dana won the APW Universal Championship Title. After capturing all of the footage, I have effectively watched the match 4 times from 4 different angles. Then I began cutting the footage together. (Watching it again, in slow motion.) 3 or 4 hours later, I was done. I had cut the footage, rendered it, and was watching it one last time to make sure I was happy. Crappy thing number 2: During that last viewing... my editing program crash-kaboomed. Ugh. No, I didn't save. No, auto-save wasn't turned on. Argh! How frustrating. I lost half a days work that I still haven't finished again. It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Blah. I hate that. I've learned my lesson. Auto-save is turned on. Ctrl-S is being abused. So where do the capers come in to play? Well, while Chris and I thought some photoshopping goodness could of been great boss-is-gone-caper material, our accidental caper was more than enough caper for us today.

Accidental Caper? Yep. While I was sitting at my desk, before Crappy thing number 2 occurred, I smelled... Fire? Burning? Ahh! I was immediately worried some of my video equipment was overheating, so I turned to Chris to figure out if he could smell the burning too. He could, and apparently had a better idea than I of what was going on, as he walked right to the source. Chris led me to the balcony (right where the eggs are!) He has taken to using that as his own little smoking retreat. While that is usually fine, today after smoking his cigarette, he set the butt in his makeshift ashtray and came back to the office. Apparently the butt was still burning, and it set a few of the other butts on fire. There was a nice little smoke/fire going out there when we discovered it. We poured some water on it, and everything was fine. In fact, it wasn't much of a danger at all, since it was in the middle of concrete. However, I'm not up for many more capers after the fire, program crappiness, and key crappiness.

I'll do my best to have some more uplifting news for you all tomorrow. But, if you're down like me.. Watch today's match. SeXXXy Eddy certainly brightened my mood last week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MPT: The Steam Cleaner.

I don't think he'd go for the new nick-name. But it applies. That man is the only person I've ever, ever seen that actually STEAMS after a match. Look! How freaky. I noticed this after editing MPT's match against JJ Perez that took place last September. What a weird little phenomenon.

Anyhow, Bossman is out of town for a few days. He is out have more mysterious adventures that he won't tell anyone anything about. I am convinced that we he takes these little leaves of absence, he's actually out being pampered at a spa somewhere. I can see him now, soaking in a big tub of mud with little cucumber slices over his eyes... Hm. In any case, I think that since Bossman is gone, Chris and I should stir up a little hell here at the office. I haven't figure it out yet, but there should be capers. I'll think of something.

In the world of ClickWrestle-to-come, we have good news! It looks like we have just about everything we need to start releasing the footage from ChickFight 7! Our last bit of audio was shipped over from the UK this week, and if I put the proper pressure on Chris, I am thinking you will all get to see what those gals can do across the Atlantic in no time. Because really, I think Chris could use a little more pressure. I'll get to that right now.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Don't try this at home, kids.

I am always amused by the serendipitous happenings that are captured by film. People these days seem to always have a camera rolling when some hilarious, terrifying, or rare thing occurs. Since I work with a lot of footage, I am privy to some amusing stuff that I might not of seen otherwise. Sure, it's limited to Pro Wrestling, but you'd be surprised at what gets caught on tape at a Pro Wrestling show. Some old lady in the stands, picking her nose. Perhaps some poor kid gets caught up in a brawl between two irate wrestlers. Or.. if you're lucky.. You can see one of your old coworkers fall on their butt.

No, really. Click here! Hah. Sorry. That just cracks me up. I was finishing up Kafu's match on Friday when I saw that. Good ol' Bryan was working the Camera at Kezar last September. It looks like he tripped over a chair while filming Kafu on the way to the ring. But it just goes to show ya.. Even the production crew takes a few shots around here.

Also, it looks like the Death Matches have started pouring out. Vanessa Kraven against Rachael Putski is particularly disturbing. I can't imagine how bad that Thumb-Tack death match must of hurt. I sat on a thumb-tack once.. and whined about it for about a week. That ~hurts~. I can't imagine how Putski's bottom feels with hundreds of them stuck in there. Ack. Buy the match! Or at least look at that preview. Ouch!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kafu.. The Brazilian Beef.

I am sure most of you know this, but there is a man trolling the Blog-World these days going by the name of Roland Alexander. He's been in the business for decades, and started the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp. If you've ever read his blog at you know that he is more than a little preoccupied with a certain Brazilian fellow who goes by the name of Kafu. It's understandable, I made my own post about Kafu here about a year ago. Kafu is an impressive cat, and if you read Roland's latest blog you'll see that recently "Someone in the management capacity in a major promotion recently noticed the (Kafu's) changed portfolio."

Now, I am not sure what that means. But it sounds like good news for Mr. Kafu. Who knows if Roland speaks true here, though.. he has a history of embellishing "his" accomplishments. (Roland has been grooming Kafu for a few years now.) Yet,I found it pretty interesting that so soon after Mr. Alexander's blog, I found myself editing one of Kafu's matches at the Kezar Stadium, in San Francisco. In this match, Kafu faces Steve Corino, and as it turns out, Roland Alexander himself was banned from this event. Kafu certainly put forth some impressive skills in this match. I am not surprised at all that, if true, Kafu is getting some attention from the big leagues.

In any case.. Keep your eye open for this upcoming match. Also, check out today's new release. Sumie Sakai in a IWA-MS death-match. Bloody, disgusting, and fascinating.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Believe it or not, this man got me through the day.

I don't know if it was the fact that I have been subject to blood, horror, vomit, people setting themselves on fire, cacti, and a extremely large woman's 44dd's today.. But somehow working on this guy's footage seemed uplifting and tame in comparison. Sexxxy Eddy has absolutely no tact, and is quite perverse. He would probably hump just about any breathing female. All in all, not so appealing to a gal like me. So why did he make me so happy? Well. Let me tell ya.

I was working on our latest batch of matches from IWA-MS. All but ONE of them were Death Matches. Now, while I am not against it, I am certainly not usually exposed to what I saw today. When I posted yesterday about the footage not being for the queasy stomached, I had only seen photos. Now that I have SEEN it. Good God. I could barely watch it. The brutality of it all was so intense. I know a lot of our more.. violent.. fans will love this stuff, but man! The only thing I could take reprieve in was Sexxxy Eddy. He is a notorious womanizer and a great hardcore fighter, but he brought in some MUCH needed lightheartedness. Sure he told poor Sumie Sakai he wanted to stick his (expletive deleted) in her.. but that's better than watching Mickie Knuckles get a dollar bill stapled to her tongue. Maybe sticking his previously mentioned expletive in Mayumi Ozaki's face was a little inappropriate, that's still better than watching 2 men stumbling around like zombies before they even step into the ring. At least to me. Sexxxy Eddy for the win, today. I hope you Death Match fans appreciate these matches. I might not be able to sleep for a few nights. Eep!

In other news, while I made silent gagging noises, Chris has been working on some beautiful 3D graphics for our upcoming ChickFight TV show. (Which will be airing on MAV TV throughout the country starting in June, keep your eye out for it!) It's really beautiful stuff. He made every single bit of it from scratch, and I think it's gorgeous. Check it out!

I knew I'd be kissing his rear again in no time. He may be messy, but he's great at what he does. Anyhow.. I've recently visited a small business in the area that made me realize just how nice I have it here at ClickWrestle. Sure, I complain a bit about the mess.. but it ~is~ much bigger than a lot of offices in SF, and the mess is confined to one very small corner of Chris' world. Some of these companies in the city work out of places not much bigger than a closet, I swear.

Anyhow, I'll let you all know when you can enjoy a lovely IWA-MS Death Match. And let me know what you guys think! Comments are always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coming home is refreshing, but I still feel filthy..

Ya know, it's easy to get lost. I am not quite sure where I was, but I sure am glad I found my way back here. Wherever I was, it sure was dull.

Upon stumbling back into the streets of San Francisco after a year's absence, I was both relieved and shocked when I found myself back at work. Relieved because good ol' ClickWrestle is still standing. Shocked because upon entering the desolate building, I got to see how things have changed around here. Most notably... Chris. I know I have fawned over this particular Co-Worker before, and undoubtedly will again, but Chris has exploded in our office. He's got equipment, cameras, and footage EVERYWHERE. (I'll be nice and not go into detail about the cigarette pack carcasses.) The office was filthy. Once I got past THAT, I was able to see all of the great stuff that has been going on. So much new footage to work with! Wonderful things have been happening with ChickFight as well.

What else is new? Well, the ever-so-sweet Bryan has moved on to a new project. While I will mourn not being able to lock him in cages, or coerce him into eating year-old candies, I do wish him great luck in his new endeavors. Bossman is still doing quite well. Rumor has it he eloped with a Latin lady and didn't invite anyone to the wedding. Of course, there are tons of rumors about Bossman. He's a mysterious guy.

So what can you look forward to now that I am back? Well. You can look forward to my usual updates on ClickWrestle, ChickFight, and my usual bits of office gossip. What can you look forward to on ClickWrestle? Well. Keep your eye out for some horrifically bloody footage coming your way. Some of this upcoming stuff just isn't for the queasy stomached.