Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Even better than Jumble Capers.

Today was supposed to be caper day. And while it was filled with some minor capers, it was mostly crappy-day for me. Crappy thing number 1: When I came in to work today, my key got stuck in the front door. Not a huge deal, but it ended up delaying me about 1/2 an hour. Some nice man from the Greek restaurant next door was kind enough to un-stick my key for me, and then it was on with my day.

When I got upstairs, I finished capturing the last match I need to work on from the San Francisco Kezar Stadium show on 9/02/06. It happened to be the Dana Lee vs. Derek Sanders match, where Dana won the APW Universal Championship Title. After capturing all of the footage, I have effectively watched the match 4 times from 4 different angles. Then I began cutting the footage together. (Watching it again, in slow motion.) 3 or 4 hours later, I was done. I had cut the footage, rendered it, and was watching it one last time to make sure I was happy. Crappy thing number 2: During that last viewing... my editing program crash-kaboomed. Ugh. No, I didn't save. No, auto-save wasn't turned on. Argh! How frustrating. I lost half a days work that I still haven't finished again. It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Blah. I hate that. I've learned my lesson. Auto-save is turned on. Ctrl-S is being abused. So where do the capers come in to play? Well, while Chris and I thought some photoshopping goodness could of been great boss-is-gone-caper material, our accidental caper was more than enough caper for us today.

Accidental Caper? Yep. While I was sitting at my desk, before Crappy thing number 2 occurred, I smelled... Fire? Burning? Ahh! I was immediately worried some of my video equipment was overheating, so I turned to Chris to figure out if he could smell the burning too. He could, and apparently had a better idea than I of what was going on, as he walked right to the source. Chris led me to the balcony (right where the eggs are!) He has taken to using that as his own little smoking retreat. While that is usually fine, today after smoking his cigarette, he set the butt in his makeshift ashtray and came back to the office. Apparently the butt was still burning, and it set a few of the other butts on fire. There was a nice little smoke/fire going out there when we discovered it. We poured some water on it, and everything was fine. In fact, it wasn't much of a danger at all, since it was in the middle of concrete. However, I'm not up for many more capers after the fire, program crappiness, and key crappiness.

I'll do my best to have some more uplifting news for you all tomorrow. But, if you're down like me.. Watch today's match. SeXXXy Eddy certainly brightened my mood last week!

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