Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MPT: The Steam Cleaner.

I don't think he'd go for the new nick-name. But it applies. That man is the only person I've ever, ever seen that actually STEAMS after a match. Look! How freaky. I noticed this after editing MPT's match against JJ Perez that took place last September. What a weird little phenomenon.

Anyhow, Bossman is out of town for a few days. He is out have more mysterious adventures that he won't tell anyone anything about. I am convinced that we he takes these little leaves of absence, he's actually out being pampered at a spa somewhere. I can see him now, soaking in a big tub of mud with little cucumber slices over his eyes... Hm. In any case, I think that since Bossman is gone, Chris and I should stir up a little hell here at the office. I haven't figure it out yet, but there should be capers. I'll think of something.

In the world of ClickWrestle-to-come, we have good news! It looks like we have just about everything we need to start releasing the footage from ChickFight 7! Our last bit of audio was shipped over from the UK this week, and if I put the proper pressure on Chris, I am thinking you will all get to see what those gals can do across the Atlantic in no time. Because really, I think Chris could use a little more pressure. I'll get to that right now.

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