Monday, May 21, 2007

Don't try this at home, kids.

I am always amused by the serendipitous happenings that are captured by film. People these days seem to always have a camera rolling when some hilarious, terrifying, or rare thing occurs. Since I work with a lot of footage, I am privy to some amusing stuff that I might not of seen otherwise. Sure, it's limited to Pro Wrestling, but you'd be surprised at what gets caught on tape at a Pro Wrestling show. Some old lady in the stands, picking her nose. Perhaps some poor kid gets caught up in a brawl between two irate wrestlers. Or.. if you're lucky.. You can see one of your old coworkers fall on their butt.

No, really. Click here! Hah. Sorry. That just cracks me up. I was finishing up Kafu's match on Friday when I saw that. Good ol' Bryan was working the Camera at Kezar last September. It looks like he tripped over a chair while filming Kafu on the way to the ring. But it just goes to show ya.. Even the production crew takes a few shots around here.

Also, it looks like the Death Matches have started pouring out. Vanessa Kraven against Rachael Putski is particularly disturbing. I can't imagine how bad that Thumb-Tack death match must of hurt. I sat on a thumb-tack once.. and whined about it for about a week. That ~hurts~. I can't imagine how Putski's bottom feels with hundreds of them stuck in there. Ack. Buy the match! Or at least look at that preview. Ouch!

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