Thursday, May 17, 2007

Believe it or not, this man got me through the day.

I don't know if it was the fact that I have been subject to blood, horror, vomit, people setting themselves on fire, cacti, and a extremely large woman's 44dd's today.. But somehow working on this guy's footage seemed uplifting and tame in comparison. Sexxxy Eddy has absolutely no tact, and is quite perverse. He would probably hump just about any breathing female. All in all, not so appealing to a gal like me. So why did he make me so happy? Well. Let me tell ya.

I was working on our latest batch of matches from IWA-MS. All but ONE of them were Death Matches. Now, while I am not against it, I am certainly not usually exposed to what I saw today. When I posted yesterday about the footage not being for the queasy stomached, I had only seen photos. Now that I have SEEN it. Good God. I could barely watch it. The brutality of it all was so intense. I know a lot of our more.. violent.. fans will love this stuff, but man! The only thing I could take reprieve in was Sexxxy Eddy. He is a notorious womanizer and a great hardcore fighter, but he brought in some MUCH needed lightheartedness. Sure he told poor Sumie Sakai he wanted to stick his (expletive deleted) in her.. but that's better than watching Mickie Knuckles get a dollar bill stapled to her tongue. Maybe sticking his previously mentioned expletive in Mayumi Ozaki's face was a little inappropriate, that's still better than watching 2 men stumbling around like zombies before they even step into the ring. At least to me. Sexxxy Eddy for the win, today. I hope you Death Match fans appreciate these matches. I might not be able to sleep for a few nights. Eep!

In other news, while I made silent gagging noises, Chris has been working on some beautiful 3D graphics for our upcoming ChickFight TV show. (Which will be airing on MAV TV throughout the country starting in June, keep your eye out for it!) It's really beautiful stuff. He made every single bit of it from scratch, and I think it's gorgeous. Check it out!

I knew I'd be kissing his rear again in no time. He may be messy, but he's great at what he does. Anyhow.. I've recently visited a small business in the area that made me realize just how nice I have it here at ClickWrestle. Sure, I complain a bit about the mess.. but it ~is~ much bigger than a lot of offices in SF, and the mess is confined to one very small corner of Chris' world. Some of these companies in the city work out of places not much bigger than a closet, I swear.

Anyhow, I'll let you all know when you can enjoy a lovely IWA-MS Death Match. And let me know what you guys think! Comments are always appreciated.

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