Friday, May 18, 2007

Kafu.. The Brazilian Beef.

I am sure most of you know this, but there is a man trolling the Blog-World these days going by the name of Roland Alexander. He's been in the business for decades, and started the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp. If you've ever read his blog at you know that he is more than a little preoccupied with a certain Brazilian fellow who goes by the name of Kafu. It's understandable, I made my own post about Kafu here about a year ago. Kafu is an impressive cat, and if you read Roland's latest blog you'll see that recently "Someone in the management capacity in a major promotion recently noticed the (Kafu's) changed portfolio."

Now, I am not sure what that means. But it sounds like good news for Mr. Kafu. Who knows if Roland speaks true here, though.. he has a history of embellishing "his" accomplishments. (Roland has been grooming Kafu for a few years now.) Yet,I found it pretty interesting that so soon after Mr. Alexander's blog, I found myself editing one of Kafu's matches at the Kezar Stadium, in San Francisco. In this match, Kafu faces Steve Corino, and as it turns out, Roland Alexander himself was banned from this event. Kafu certainly put forth some impressive skills in this match. I am not surprised at all that, if true, Kafu is getting some attention from the big leagues.

In any case.. Keep your eye open for this upcoming match. Also, check out today's new release. Sumie Sakai in a IWA-MS death-match. Bloody, disgusting, and fascinating.

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