Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coming home is refreshing, but I still feel filthy..

Ya know, it's easy to get lost. I am not quite sure where I was, but I sure am glad I found my way back here. Wherever I was, it sure was dull.

Upon stumbling back into the streets of San Francisco after a year's absence, I was both relieved and shocked when I found myself back at work. Relieved because good ol' ClickWrestle is still standing. Shocked because upon entering the desolate building, I got to see how things have changed around here. Most notably... Chris. I know I have fawned over this particular Co-Worker before, and undoubtedly will again, but Chris has exploded in our office. He's got equipment, cameras, and footage EVERYWHERE. (I'll be nice and not go into detail about the cigarette pack carcasses.) The office was filthy. Once I got past THAT, I was able to see all of the great stuff that has been going on. So much new footage to work with! Wonderful things have been happening with ChickFight as well.

What else is new? Well, the ever-so-sweet Bryan has moved on to a new project. While I will mourn not being able to lock him in cages, or coerce him into eating year-old candies, I do wish him great luck in his new endeavors. Bossman is still doing quite well. Rumor has it he eloped with a Latin lady and didn't invite anyone to the wedding. Of course, there are tons of rumors about Bossman. He's a mysterious guy.

So what can you look forward to now that I am back? Well. You can look forward to my usual updates on ClickWrestle, ChickFight, and my usual bits of office gossip. What can you look forward to on ClickWrestle? Well. Keep your eye out for some horrifically bloody footage coming your way. Some of this upcoming stuff just isn't for the queasy stomached.

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