Friday, July 27, 2007

"Victory" by Lourds Lane

Hey check it out!

Breaking Records Music label has posted the ChickFight intro on their site! Go check it out. =)

Victory, by Lourds Lane! Featuring our awesome ChickFight TV intro!

Turn, turn, turn.

This week has flown by here at the office. I don't quite understand how it happens.. One day it's Monday, and then the very next day it's Friday. It's like magic, and it's a little scary. Let's see how fast this thing can go. Woah-oh.

In some very exciting ClickWrestle news.. We have ChickFight VI releasing starting tomorrow! Huzzah! ChickFight VI was an awesome show. Chris has done some awesome post production, and the matches themselves are awesome.. So go watch them! Very good stuff, and you can get it only at ClickWrestle right now. Soon enough they will be available on ChickFight.TV on DVD. In fact, that's what Chris has been working on for the past couple weeks. I've seen quite a bit of it, and it looks really neat. The DVD intro is currently my favorite.. and not just because it features our new Theme Song, "Victory". I am talking Chris into letting me post it online, so I'll let you all know my progress.

On Tuesday Bossman, his wife, Chris, and I all went to a screening at the Metreon where NewTeeVee was giving awards to the best internet commercials. We had entered our own ClickWrestle commercial, "The Coins Have Eyes", where Leprechaun Melissa made her debut. We didn't win any awards.. but it was nice to be recognized and voted upon. We got pretty good votes. =) You can go check out the screening winners, the contestants, and our video at this linky here for NewTeevee Screenings. It has inspired me for future commercials. It has also left me wondering "Where's the sausage?" Maybe Bossman knows. If you watch any of those, make sure to watch the one called "Engaged". It's cute.

Oh oh oh! We have a new intern. =) His name is Graham. He's our marketing and sales intern, and he's super cool. He's got a lot of fire in him. I like how motivated he is. Actually.. he should be coming in today. Maybe he'll let me take a picture for the blog. Oh.. better yet.. maybe I'll be able to get a picture of our other intern, Cat. There is a good chance if I get a picture of her, she'll be asleep. Just sayin'..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yay! It released!

Finally you can see what came from this little video. I can't be the only one excited to see Melissa and MsChif pair up, can I? You guys!

Go watch!

And while you're at it.. go ogle the new sexy Lacey banner on our front page!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I love working here!

Bossman is on to a new trend, it's called the Standing Meeting. It's theory is that you have a daily/weekly meeting where everyone has 5 topics/tasks that they are tackling and they present them to each other within 30 minutes... all while standing. The standing is supposed to make you uncomfortable and realize that brevity is of the essence. Ending with a brief, effective, and efficient meeting. So far I like the idea. But our first meeting was awesome.. and it had nothing to do with standing.
Bossman recently bought us some toys for the office. Chris got a little nerf dart-gun thing, and I (of course) got a barbie doll. Chris' toy is way cooler than mine.. and I did covet it for quite a while. Especially after Chris made a holster for it, and started wearing it around like a cowboy. That sort of digressed to us dressing like Cowboys and Indians. Chris had his holster, his gun, and I even made him a little Sheriff's star. (On which I misspelled sheriff, and I am going to pretend it was on purpose to add to the cute childlike nostalgia rather than my horrible spelling skills running rampant.) Chris made me a head-dress, complete with a pigeon feather for authenticity. Total prep time: about 5 minutes. Then we headed into our Standing Meeting and proceeded to have a very serious talk about business matters.. which only ended up in ONE shooting of the indian and ONE very dramatic death-scene. I LOVE my job. Just sayin'..

New on ClickWrestle: Chikara! Chikara is finally posting so go enjoy a match or two. Sumie Sakai versus Cassanova released today and it's pretty funny. Also, Shimmer volume 8 is releasing right now, too. So you have a ton of great female footage coming your way.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They call him the Working Man.

Chris has been working on ChickFight 6 and rigging up his ghetto-tronics all day, and he is doing an admirable job. I haven't really been working on annoying Bossman today, but I've been doing an admirable job.

We have a new intern here at the office. Her name is Cat, and she is from Hong Kong. She is in college and is working on getting her degree in broadcasting. She'll be here through August, and she is a pretty amusing chick. She has been working on doing music videos for a few wrestlers. When she is not doing that.. she is sleeping. Which I am wondering if that's a Hong Kong thing, or just a her thing. In any case, it's pretty funny. Today she is working on a video for Oliver John, whose music is Rush's "Working Man". I don't think she appreciates the weird, American Butt-Rock, but Chris sure is digging it. He won't.. stop.. singing.. it. Which is only fair. I blast Fiona Apple all day, after all.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The ChickFight Hotline

Huzzah. I have finished the ChickFight Hotline! It's finally ready to be heard. Go check it out, if only to hear my voice.. instead of reading my text. Here:
The ChickFight HOTLINE is now open. You are encouraged to call any time to hear the latest news and information on ChickFight Tournaments held all over the world. Past participants include Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Jazz, Sumie Sakai, Allison Danger, Wesna, Amazing Kong, Daizee Haze, Lacey, Rain, and many more of the top wrestling talent from all over the globe.

The 24-hour toll-free number is 1-888-337-5103