Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They call him the Working Man.

Chris has been working on ChickFight 6 and rigging up his ghetto-tronics all day, and he is doing an admirable job. I haven't really been working on annoying Bossman today, but I've been doing an admirable job.

We have a new intern here at the office. Her name is Cat, and she is from Hong Kong. She is in college and is working on getting her degree in broadcasting. She'll be here through August, and she is a pretty amusing chick. She has been working on doing music videos for a few wrestlers. When she is not doing that.. she is sleeping. Which I am wondering if that's a Hong Kong thing, or just a her thing. In any case, it's pretty funny. Today she is working on a video for Oliver John, whose music is Rush's "Working Man". I don't think she appreciates the weird, American Butt-Rock, but Chris sure is digging it. He won't.. stop.. singing.. it. Which is only fair. I blast Fiona Apple all day, after all.

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amyszesze said...

Hello, here is cindy's friend. I doubt that sleeping wheh not working is a Hong Konger's thing but I agree she is a lovely and funny person when she is not sleeping, haha.