Monday, July 16, 2007

I love working here!

Bossman is on to a new trend, it's called the Standing Meeting. It's theory is that you have a daily/weekly meeting where everyone has 5 topics/tasks that they are tackling and they present them to each other within 30 minutes... all while standing. The standing is supposed to make you uncomfortable and realize that brevity is of the essence. Ending with a brief, effective, and efficient meeting. So far I like the idea. But our first meeting was awesome.. and it had nothing to do with standing.
Bossman recently bought us some toys for the office. Chris got a little nerf dart-gun thing, and I (of course) got a barbie doll. Chris' toy is way cooler than mine.. and I did covet it for quite a while. Especially after Chris made a holster for it, and started wearing it around like a cowboy. That sort of digressed to us dressing like Cowboys and Indians. Chris had his holster, his gun, and I even made him a little Sheriff's star. (On which I misspelled sheriff, and I am going to pretend it was on purpose to add to the cute childlike nostalgia rather than my horrible spelling skills running rampant.) Chris made me a head-dress, complete with a pigeon feather for authenticity. Total prep time: about 5 minutes. Then we headed into our Standing Meeting and proceeded to have a very serious talk about business matters.. which only ended up in ONE shooting of the indian and ONE very dramatic death-scene. I LOVE my job. Just sayin'..

New on ClickWrestle: Chikara! Chikara is finally posting so go enjoy a match or two. Sumie Sakai versus Cassanova released today and it's pretty funny. Also, Shimmer volume 8 is releasing right now, too. So you have a ton of great female footage coming your way.

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Kurtis said...

We go the other way on the meetings... everyone sits, but only the really necessary people pay attention while everyone else continues to work on their laptops.