Monday, May 28, 2007

The inter-San Franciscan Man of Mystery

I think Bossman likes to come off as a mysterious, enigmatic, emotionless, corporate type. He's really, really not. It's funny. He will wear his hip glasses, his tailored black coats, and sport his cool leather blinds in his office.. but when it comes down to it, he really is just a big softie. Bossman took Chris and I out to lunch and coffee again today; we had Thai and snarky conversation. Overall a good time. I got to thinking about it, and BossMan takes us out all the freaking time. He can't be such a robot if he takes such good care of us. Chris and I have decided Bossman should adopt us, officially. Somehow I don't think he'd go for it.. let alone his new Latina Wifey, Mrs. Bossman.

Has anyone checked out OnlineWorldofWrestling ? It's the new and improved Obsessed With Wrestling site. After a small amount of domain dispute, they have a new site and it's really neat. They've been giving a lot of attention to female wrestling these days, which I really appreciate, because it's a personal interest of mine. They even had a recent review of our ChickFight 5 DVD. (Look here!) Our production staff got special props.

" A lot of great independent organizations put out some really cool DVD's but they all seem to follow the same generic production rules. Both of the Chick Fight DVD's that I've watched featured jaw-dropping audio and visual effects far superior to anything I've seen in wrestling outside of WWE and TNA. The special effects used are integrated to perfection during this show without taking away from the in-ring abilities of any of the girls. So for production value this DVD gets a perfect score of ten out of ten"

How freaking awesome is that? I am very, very proud of production. (Ahem, Chris!) Be sure to get your hands on the matches here at ClickWrestle.Com, too! Immediate satisfaction. How about that? All right.. Time to get out of here.

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The Carny said...

I wish Bossman would take me to go eat and no, not a Starbucks pastry...