Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IWA-MS is novacaine for violence.

So, ever since I watched all of these IWA-Mid South matches, I've been feeling a little desensitized to the pain in other wrestling matches. For example, that clip I posted earlier? Looks neat, but nah.. couldn't of hurt anyone! Or perhaps MsChif being bent into an inverted Four Leaf Clover by Melissa and getting kicked in the head with her own foot? (By the way, you can see that in the ChickFight 7 matches that have begun releasing yesterday!) Bah. That's nothing in comparison to some of these male Death Matches that are on their way to ClickWrestle from IWA-MS. Just.. Just.. ugh. Keep your eyes open. Or closed.. but.. yea.

Anyhow, what I said a moment ago is true ChickFight 7, UK edition, is finally releasing! I was quite pleased to see Lacey in the first release. I am not quite sure why, but she's always been a personal favorite of mine. She is a pretty good wrestler, and smokin' hot.. but I think it's the attitude. In any case. Definitely check out her latest release. Lacey versus UK wrestler, Eden Black. It's a great match, and I am not quite sure if I remember Lacey spitting on anyone.. but even if she doesn't? Still worth it.

Things are good here at the office. It looks like I ruffled Bossman's feathers about this mysterious thing a bit too much.. As he sent me to the store today for Safety Pins and Post-its. And refused to tell me what for. Said it was for a secret project. Ugh.

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