Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Miss Congeniality

This little lady managed to pop up on's front page twice today, so I thought I'd go ahead and talk about her in the blog, too. Make it a nice little tri-fecta. So, here we have "The Well Rounded" Christie Ricci. She is featured in the match of the day and had a new match released just yesterday.

Ricci, who was a tomboy growing up, found her softer side as a teen and started competing in beauty pageants. She gained the title of Miss Teen Tennessee and competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant. Her history in pageantry no doubt leads to her current nick-name in the ring, the Mississippi Queen. In any case, Christie is a great wrestler and I encourage you all to watch her matches. (On a side note.. she has the spiffiest little kneepad/boot cover things. Very cool.)

Other news? If you open up today's issue of the SF Guardian to page 39 you will see APW's Derek Sanders posing with his APW Universal HeavyWeight title and Melissa putting Sara Del Ray in to an inverted Texas cloverleaf submission. How neat is that? On top of that you'll see a little spot pimpin' out this Saturday's show at the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco. Come check it out! All your favorite female wrestlers will be there, all of your favorite APW stars will be there, and even the ECW Hardcore Legend "The Sandman" will be there. For more info, check out

Lastly.. Pigeons. Unfortunate Pigeon is still unfortunate. Momma pigeon is roosting so often that I havent been able to check on the eggs.. Hopefully her extra roosting will make up for the fact that she has shown such a lackluster performance up to this point.

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