Thursday, April 13, 2006

Much ado about something; Twelve thousand raindrops in every ocean.

So I have been talking about this Kezar Show for weeks now. I figure it's time to give you all the low-down on what's what. Here in San Francisco, we will be holding the 4th ever ChickFight tournament and also one more huge mixed-gender show on Saturday.

With two shows in one day, there is a ton going on. The Chickfight show will have 8 of the nation's worthiest female wrestlers competing, including ClickWrestle favorites like Melissa, MsChif, Hailey Hatred, and Mercedes Martinez.

The night time will be your classic All Pro Wrestling show, amplified ten times over. We will be having the ECW Hardcore Legend, The Sandman, take on our own former Universal HeavyWeight Champion, Kafu in a steel cage. Ahh.. The gore that will follow!

And it's all only ten bucks. Not too shabby, eh? Everyone should come! Carpool. Call your neighbors. Bring people who don't even like wrestling.. They can always watch our Undead Zombie Burlesque Dancers (who are worth way more than just ten bucks in themselves.) gyrate their much decayed hips and feast on the blood (brains) of innocents.

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