Monday, March 06, 2006

Days are lost to wind and whim.

Back to work! While there was a nice little break on Thursday and Friday for our graphics training, it is over now. So the went the weekend. Break time is so fleeting.

Today Bryan and I started working on a few new formats for our upcoming previews. Trying to keep it cohesive. I got new UWF footage, which looks pretty awesome. There is a casket match with Abyss and Sabu (Who else?), and even a midget match. Sweet. Little people are the best.

I am hearing murmers in the hall of some pretty impressive female footage coming in, so keep your eyes open, kids. Looks like there is some great stuff on the way. Plus, if you are looking for some great stuff we already have, check out the MPT versus JJ Perez match that just released. That match comes to you free from APW and took place only 1 month ago. How awesome is that?

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