Friday, March 03, 2006

JJ versus The Hulk

Second day of Photoshop bootcamp today. "Dave is really cool. He's a super-cool teacher!" He asks me to report. I guess it's true. What other teacher do I get to hear have conversations on his cell phone about surfing? In the middle of winter? Yea. Come on. He's clearly a cool guy.

If anyone has been watching, you will have seen that the Sara vs. Melissa falls count anywhere preview has changed a few times. We've been tweaking it here at the office, trying to get it just right. It's currently on version three, which has a lot more clips from the match in it. Check it out.. I haven't made 15 versions of this thing for nothing. ;)

Otherwise, TGIF. You all have a wicked-cool weekend. Or is it super-cool? I dunno. Ask Dave. I leave you with something I was fiddling with during class. Enjoy! (Notice the subtle liposuction!)

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