Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A question mark on a calendar.

I can't believe that the featured match today, Melissa versus Jaqueline, took place nearly a year ago.. Seems like only yesterday. It was a wonderful match, and everyone knows that both of those women are great workers, so I don't have too much to say about it. I'll just leave you off with this nice little picture to look at while I update you all on what's going on around the office.

Just yesterday my lovely cherub of a coworker turned around every preview we have here on CW and gave it a quicktime counterpart. Good work on his part. I finished up a little bit of WWWA footage recently, so that will be coming out soon. In fact, it looks like they have decided they want to put a few promotional videos out as well for free streaming on ClickWrestle. Free is always good!

We're moving out of the cage, soon. =( We have a new office, and that means I can't pull any more lock-Bryan-in-the-cage type capers. I'll figure something out though.. the office has a little trap window in one of the walls.. Hmm.

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