Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sara Del Ray

Today's feature match is a match that has Sara Del Ray during her early days as "Nikki". I remember watching the early matches of Sara, even when she was very new to wrestling and still training she had such great potential. And while she was beautiful and very talented then, I had no idea just how good of a wrestler she would grow to be.

You can see some of her more recent stuff featured in Shimmer and APW. (I'd link you to the shimmer website, but the picture on the front page is not de-interlaced and it makes me sad to look at it.. Fine, fine.. Here's the link! Just don't look directly at that photo.) She is really a power house, the training she has recieved at the Inoki Dojo really did her very well. Her matches against Mercedes Martinez (featured on ClickWrestle) and Melissa (also on ClickWrestle!)

Definately, definately check it out.. And some web designer needs to write to me so I can set up her getting a web page.. She is so talented! I can't believe she doesn't have a web page!

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