Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Space Jams; I believe I can fly

Amongst the other tedious tasks I come across on a daily basis, I think file transfers are about as high up on the annoyance scale as rendering is. I say this because today as I edit Fergal Devitt verus JJ Perez I keep running in to Space Jams. No, not the movie. I keep running out of space on my drives. AVI files are disgustingly huge. The average uncompressed match takes up about 7-8 gigs of hard drive space. Even though we have over a thousand gigs worth of hard drive space here in the office, I still find that it's not always enough. Saying that out loud makes the whole thing seem ridiculous. There should be enough room! Perhaps the problem is that it's not continual hard drive space, it's sectioned up into 10 or so different drives.

So as the files transfer ever so slowly, I take the time to look over my small unfinished projects and bring them to conclusion. I finished up mid-2005 APW matches I had been meaning to get to for the past 2 weeks or so, dusted off some IWC matches and shined them up, stuck those on line. And, most excitingly, started looking for new content providers. I got a list of about 30 or so companys I am going to contact in the next few days to see if they'd like to put their footage on clickwrestle. I'd also like to encourage you, constant reader, to send in your ideas. Have a favored promotion you'd like to see on CW? Write to me at Chynna@blackpants.net and let me know what you think.

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