Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Get down, girl.. Go head, get down!

The featured match of the day today is Immortal Fear versus The Mafia versus Girls Gone Wrestling versus All Pro Rangers, a match brought to us by APW. At the time of this match Immortal Fear was yet to be split, and they were regularly escorted to the ring with their valet, Payton. Immortal Fear was the reigning Tag Team Champions for over half a year. Payton was quite fond of the titles, as you can see in the photo. At that time, Payton had quite a bit of a chip on her shoulder, and she didn't seem to care much for anyone but Immortal Fear.

Time has passed, the team that was known as Immortal Fear has split, and everyone has gone their own ways, including Payton. These days Payton seems to be quite a bit friendlier, and has gotten especially friendly with the current HeavyWeight Champion, Derek Sanders. 3 Weeks ago Derek happened upon the tag team titles. This might just be a coincidence, but it seems like after he got the titles she got really sweet on him. It could be that Derek had helped her out with a few guy troubles with her former guy, Billy Blade... But I think this tag team title thing is just a little too serendipitous. Has Derek caught a bit of a gold-digger? I dunno...

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Sally W said...

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax