Monday, February 06, 2006

Dressing for success.. (Or is that dressing LESS for success?)

For those of you that didn't know, I'll let you all know a little something about me. I fancy myself a seamstress. In fact, I made a wrestling gear for a short period of time. So now when I watch wrestling, I do find myself a bit distracted from the actual wrestling and pay a bit more attention to what the wrestlers are wearing. Okay, I'll admit it. There are times when I think that I may not be able to continue watching a match when the wrestler has a major outfit flaw. For example, there was a time that one of the wrestlers at APW, who shall remain nameless (coughinternetchampcough!), came out to the ring in trunks and a tanktop. With the tank top tucked into his trunks. Tucked. That's right, Tucked.

In any case, I thought I would point out today's new release. It stars Shantelle Taylor versus Tiana Ringer. Now, the wrestling was good, but I thought I'd make it a point to point out who I thought had the best gear in the whole Shimmer show.. and that would be Shantelle Taylor. And why do I think she has the best gear? Well, let's see..

  • Bikini Cut: Good.
  • Criss-Cross Straps: Very good.
  • Studded accents: Excellent
  • Matching bracers: Check!
  • Skull and Crossbone buckle: Adorable
  • Less is more? Indeed.
However, honorable mentions go to Christie Ricci for her great knee-boot covers, and Sara Del Ray because I am a sucker for camo.

Also, that exciting new footage is just about done! It should be coming your way very soon. And one last thing, good ol' Bryan pointed something out to me today. One of our wrestlers, and past HeavyWeight champion, Kafu appears to have a history of family in wrestling..

What do you guys think, don't they look alike? Heh! The man on the left is actually Chin Lee, he wrestled in the early seventies with Suki Sito. Boy, they do look alike though. Maybe Kafu isn't Brazilian after all.

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