Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Since you've been gone.. I can feel (my fingers) for the first time.

Bryan is out of the office today, which means I am spending the first day in my new office alone. I must admit.. Excellence. There are a few things I wasn't expecting when I heard about the new office. They are all good things so far. For example.. It's widely known that I am the coffee-mule around these parts. My last office's closest starbucks trip took about 20 minutes round trip. This office has a Starbucks that is much, much closer bringing my Starbucks trip down to like 8 minutes. Sweet.

Also, since Bryan is out, I sort of have full reign of my little office. It's a dark, moody little room full of video equipment and computers and generic light. I love it. My biggest complaint yesterday was that it was fr-fr-freeeeezing. Well, since I am all alone, I put the space heater under my desk, and closed my doors. The room heated up in no time at all. It's toasty now. I have old APW footage capturing in the corner, and the volume is up and I don't have to worry about bugging the other people in the office because I have my own(ish) room! I feel like a teenage girl again.

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