Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's Shimmer time once again

Once again it's time for Shimmer. Shimmer Volume 3 is now being released, and you can look forward to it hitting the ClickWrestle front page in the very near future. Old favorites like Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif meet up with new comers to the roster such as Rebecca Knox and Lorelei Lee.

You can expect all of the same quality from Shimmer as before, fantastic footage. wonderful wrestling and beautiful women. In my personal opinion, you should all be sure to check out the illustrious Rebecca Knox. She's quite the mischevious little devil, and the match that she has against Allison Danger will show you just how tricky (and skilled) she can be.

Still don't believe me? Well check her out before her next release, then. We have some old chickfight footage of her against Morgan (who was a little, uhm, unsupported during this match) or against japanese legend, Mariko Yoshida.

Alright. You all have your assignments. Run along now.

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