Monday, June 19, 2006

Watching new stars shimmer

A lot of you may have been giving your TV screen a double glance while you were watching WWE RAW recently. Hey... Where do you know that girl from? She just looks so familiar. Gosh. You can't put your finger on it. It's okay. I'll do it for you.

That woman you see standing aside the lovely Trish Stratus is Beth Phoenix. Having spent years on the indy scene, and just recently spending quite a bit of time in OVW, Beth seems to have finally burst on to the WWE scene, and she is doing awesome. I always find it exciting to watch the indy stars grow. For example, we have a few Beth Phoenix matches from her very late indy years against Allison Danger and my favorite, Mischif. I think it's great that fans can go back and see their favorite current superstars on ClickWrestle before they were bigtime. There are so many that you can see too, Samoa Joe, Chris Daniels, Crash Holly (Erin o'grady).. And of course, tons more. I'll try to keep you all updated on the CW indy stars that go on to TNA or WWE.

As for the next Kezar/Chickfight show.. Well. How exciting that the next one is coming up so soon! The footage from these shows is always amazing, and I can't wait to see what Chris does with his robotic arm. Though I can only hope he gets some actual sunlight before before the show. Poor boy.

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