Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We're in the red zone now

It's no secret that we have the hardest working production team in pro wrestling here at Black Pants, but what you may not know is about the magic juice that keeps them going on those long nights of post editing.

At a recent APW show, head ref Kristina turned us on to an energy drink called "Redline". Imagine RedBull times 20 with a pretty scary warning label and you get an idea of what this stuff does. Anyway, as you can see, our mini fridge is stocked with the stuff and sometimes I wonder if Redline and Starbucks is the best meal for our guys to have each day, but the results speak for themselves. Check out some of the awesome ChickFight 4 previews and the many new matches that are currently live. It's amazing what the team can produce and how we can release a new match every day, even when partying in Vegas for CAC (but that's another story).

Long live Redline! How about a sponsorship, eh?

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