Monday, January 30, 2006

It's getting plain.. I'll try not to complain.

I survived my weekend, and I return to you all with 75% less snot. How's that for results? The show went smoothly! Unfortunately Mr. Devitt couldn't show up. Darn. There goes my test on Irish Wrestlers. Oh well.

I decided to take on a side project today. I made up a banner for Clickwrestle. I sent it in to BossMan who seemed to like it, but sent me to someone for a little refining. He is slowly trying to teach me that less is more. Perhaps I'll learn that lesson soon. I am trying, just need a few more spoonfuls of sugar to help that medicine go down.

And lastly I found a wonderful new filter today. I have been working with the old IWC footage, which can tend to be a little dark, and I found the lovely little Shadow/Highlight filter. It's nuts.. Look at the difference:

Of course, the shot on the bottom is after the filter. It's a little grainy, but atleast you can SEE the picture. (And who is that guy? Well, that's Skate Devil. The IWC Hardcore Champion as of April 20th 2001. You can catch a few of his matches that are already on CW, and look out for some more than are coming in the coming months.) I like this filter a lot more than the Brightness/Contrast filter. A lot more brightness without the gray-out.

We have a lot of IWC footage, so I will get a lot of practice working with less-than-optimal film. I'll let you all know if I find any more fun little tools.

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