Thursday, January 26, 2006

Daized and Confused

Yesterday I was so caught up in ideas for new Shimmer previews, I completely forgot to blog! So today? Two blogs! That's right. Two. Can you take it? I don't know if ~I~ can.

So yesterday I was working on an idea I had for a preview.. I am not sure it will work out, still, but it's an idea. I wanted to have a couple consecutive shots of the wrestler, Daizee Haze in this case, have them come in, fade to a silhouette, and then have the main shot, and her name would float in to introduce her. So I started with the shots.. here is how they progressed:

Anyhow.. I tried a couple different executions. It's tough. Bossman thinks there needs to be a sharp hard-hitting high impact quality to the previews we make, because it's wrestling. I do agree. But I also know that with female wrestling, there is a bit of a different feel to it. A lot of fans watch because it IS women wrestling. They want so see the women, what they look like, are interested in who they are.. etc. It's not quite as fierce as male wrestling. The silhouette idea is naturally a little slower, maybe it would work because they are female? I don't know. I suppose I'll play around with the idea some more.

Okie doke, back to work.. Talk to you guys later!

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