Friday, January 27, 2006

Let's do this; I am a cashew.

Much like Dane Cook's cashew, I find myself flung into the weekend. Tomorrow I have another APW show planned, and I think I am all but physically ready for it. My body is throwing a small hissy fit. I am all congested and stuffy and sore.. "Stop abusing me!", my body pleads, "I need sleep!". Then, when I refuse it, it turns on me and leaves me stuffy and miserable. Alas. Et tu, Body.

Tomorrow should be a good show though, mucus filled or not. Fergal Devitt will be challenging the APW Internet Champion, JJ Perez. I have never seen Fergal wrestle before, but I hear he is pretty big in Europe. Plus.. He's Irish! You can't go wrong with irish wrestlers. I mean.. Look at Rebecca Knox, she is gorgeous and a great wrestler. (A sweetheart to boot.) And actually, from what I hear, Fergal actually trained Knox. So.. Huzzah. Can't wait for the show tomorrow. And of course, this footage will be hitting you soon as well! =)

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