Saturday, January 07, 2006

Melissa vs. Sara Del Ray

I don't want to get into the habit of gushing over matches here, but tonight a very special match was posted on the site. The match was Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Ray from the ChickFight 3 tournament that took place last October at the APW Garage in California.

When it was announced that Sara Del Ray would be competing in ChickFight3 it was a real shocker. You see, Sara had turned her back on APW not too long ago to join rival promotion PWI and there was still some bad blood and hurt feelings between certain APW members and the wrestler who got her start in the business at APW and at the time was called "Nikki", now known as Sara Del Ray.

One person in particular that had issue with the return of Sara was Cheerleader Melissa. It was no secret around APW that Sara and Melissa had their fare share of problems getting along during training sessions. As Sara trained under American Dragon and Bobby Quance at APW Boot Camp, Melissa spent time in Japan and on the road perfecting her skills. Melissa's spot as top female wrestler was in jeopardy and many people were predicting that Sara would quickly pass up Melissa and prove to be the best female wrestler in APW and quite possibly North America.

Unfortunately, the question of Who is the Better Female Wrestler was never answered because as both women were quickly becoming outstanding wrestlers, Sara decided to leave APW and seek training from a rival school, while Melissa stayed with APW.

It was not until two years later, when APW announced the lineup for ChickFight3 that we realized there was a very real chance Melissa and Sara may finally have a chance to settle the debate. ChickFight3 was a tournament and both Melissa and Sara were a shoe-in to advance to the finals and hopefully compete against each other.

The night of the show a random drawing took place and the brackets were announced during the opening ceremonies. We were all surprised to find out that Melissa would be facing Sara in the opening round!

I'm not going to go into details on the match, but I will say that if you are fan of either Melissa or Sara or just female wrestling at all, you will not be disappointed with this match. I have seen many matches from both of them and have to say this is probably the best match I have ever seen out of these two amazing athletes. These women beat the hell out of each other for over 30 minutes and I still don't think we know who the better woman is. Hopefully we will see them again at ChickFight4!

Also be sure to check out the great free preview that is available for this match created by our own video whizz kid, Bryan. Bryan has been doing a great job creating these free previews for you and we sure hope you enjoy them.

Do not hesitate to buy this match. You will thank me.

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