Friday, January 13, 2006

Tales from the cage, part deux

Ahh! So.. I'll have you all know.. I am not suffering from multiple personality disorder. Let me explain what just happened in that last post.

So earlier today I opened up my little blogging tool and I tried to think of what to write about today.. I looked around.. and saw our cage. You read right, our cage. Bryan and I have our office in a section of the office which used to hold servers. The servers were kept within a cage that had a lock, so no one could come in a totally dismantle some poor website's servers. When BossMan got this office, he also received the server space. Bryan, who was hired before I was, took out all the old server equipment and set up desks in here to make it what is now our office. However, one thing remains.

The Cage!
Behold it's glory:

So, that is our cage. I thought it would be sort of funny to show people that I work in a cage, har har har. Well, I got up to borrow BossMan's camera and took a good look at the cage. Now, I'll admit that the door isn't usually shut on the cage, but I thought it would add some comedy to close the door for the picture. So I closed it, took a couple pics, and returned the camera to Jason. I turned around, and attempted to return to my desk.

I failed. Apparently the door on our cage self locks. It closes; it's locked. So I locked the cage. Doh! Not a big deal, right? Just ask Bryan (who is in the cage) to come unlock it. I call Bryan over and he informs me there is no latch from the inside either! So as I am locked out, he has it worse.. He is locked in! Finding this very funny I take advantage of Bryan's vulnerable state, and take a picture of him locked in the cage. I then proceed to ask half of the people in the building if they have a key to the cage. Nope. Bryan looks at me gravely at this point and says, "I have to go to the bathroom." BossMan finally remembers that he DOES have the key.. at his house. BossMan trudges off to get the key, and I try to figure out what I am going to do in the meantime.. Of course, I had left all of my windows open on my computer. Including the blog I was trying to write. (Not to mention my email, a few chat panels, etc.) Bryan took advantage of that fact and wrote that last blog you saw. BossMan appears to had made it back in time to let Bryan get to the bathroom, I certainly don't see any suspicious puddles in the cage.

So.. I suppose we do more than put wrestling matches online at We also lock our coworkers in cages. Friday the 13th, Cheers!

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Blackwell said...

that is fantastic. ROTFLMFAO. This is better comedy than on tv. The only thing that would have been better if there was actual video footage of the incident. I bet it make a ton of money. Good job Brian for not wetting yourself. And way to go Chynna for making comedy for us all. unintentionally of course.