Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday: The pumice patch on your slip and slide.

Ahh.. A slow day at the office. I love when that happens.. The sort of day where no one bugs you, and you're free to get to all that work that has been piling up on you. I certainly seem to have gotten a lot done today, and the day is only half over!

First off, I finalized everything for the new shipment of female matches, so they should be appearing on the New Releases list fairly soon. Of course, the New Releases seem to have a mind of their own, who knows what's going to come out next? You see, here on the back end of ClickWrestle, I will take a few matches, prepare them and set them up to go out on the new release listings. However, the new releases are randomized, so any of the matches that are ready can go out at any time, not necessarily in the chronological order I put them in. Everyday is an adventure here at ClickWrestle. :P

After finishing up the new female matches I got some more new footage from the BossMan, including some awesome matches from IWA-MS and some footage from WWWA. Business is doing well, it seems!

And here is my obligatory plug for my co-worker, Bryan. He gave me a hard time about not spending a paragraph or two talking about what great work he does in my first blog... So here we are. Bryan is the most awesomest co-worker ever. And watch out ladies- He's single!


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