Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There's something about Lacey

I am going to make an admission that a woman in my business shouldn't make, but I have to get it out. I am not entirely impressed with most US female wrestlers. There! I said it, that's right! Perhaps I've been spoiled by all of the awesome Japanese footage that has passed through my fingers here at CW headquarters, but it just seems like our American girls are not measuring up.

That said, when I do come across an American female wrestler who impresses me, I usually become a big fan quickly. Like Lacey. You may have noticed that one of her matches, against Tracey Brooks, came out on ClickWrestle today. Well, not only did that happen, but I also just happen to be editing a few of her matches today. Today I have been surrounded by the Lovely Lacy. I realized today that she is really pretty good. I didn't pay much attention to her when I first started getting her footage, but the more I watch, the more I like. She has fantastic ring presence, but above that, she is acrobatic. She moves gracefully and has some pretty surprising moves. She has a cartwheel into an elbow drop that never fails to impress me, and her ability to drop into the splits at the drop of a dime is cringingly awesome.
Anyhow.. Yay for Lacey, keep up the good work!

In other news.. I got pretty bored yesterday and redesigned the Production white-board. I tell ya, those white boards are the best.. They are like finger-paints for grown ups. BossMan probably doesn't appreciate my fine art, but I bet Bryan gets a kick out of those little hearts and swirls.

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