Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chynna and Bryan, Indy Wrestling Detectives.

Today I have spent the day working on a variety of different matches. Anywhere from footage that is 20 years old, to stuff that was made just last year. Amongst the matches was a tag match with Christian and Edge before they were Christian and Edge! It was pretty neat to see them young and green. They were a decent tag team, even back then. Too often I see tag teams in the indy circuits with no actual tag moves, but "Christian Cage" and "Hardcastle" seemed to have their stuff together, and boy.. They didn't look much different then they do today.

About 15 minutes ago, I looked over at Bryan and asked what he thought I should blog about today. He thought I should tell you all about our secret occupation: Private Investigators. Bryan and I often find ourselves with a disc handed to us with 8 or so matches, and very little information given along with it. Wrestler names, championship titles, histories, match dates and promotion names are our main worries when we get this stuff. We'll usually get a promotion name, unless the footage is bought from a person who is already a retailer. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we don't get much more than that. That's when I break out my Sherlock Holmes smoking pipe, and Bryan puts on his little Watson-esque hat trench coat and we start digging up info for these guys. In these situations, google is our best friend. Places like and come in close seconds.

Things get easier with time, though. You start recognizing all of these indy wrestlers that will probably never make it anywhere. (I mean, let's be fair. There are very few places you can make a name for yourself in right now.) You can track their gimmicks over time, watch as they get better, or (amazingly) worse. I wonder though.. I wonder if these people know that there are two people in an office in SF spending their days looking up obscure pictures of them, finding out when they debuted, tracking their title histories, watching their careers grow, grumbling and wondering why they weren't facing the camera when they did a move, finding out when they were at a certain location, etc. It's a task that I find makes us feel a little bit less like video editors and more like P.I.'s. Or stalkers!

Gonna come undone (got your address)
Got to keep me from (where you live)
Like a lost street bum (got your number)
They call me ... they call me ...

~Urge Overkill

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