Friday, January 06, 2006

First Day of Blogging!

Hey everyone!

I am Chynna! If you want to know a little more about me, you can check out my profile, but for now I will be using this as a platform to let everyone know what's going on with and, subsequently, what is going on in my world at work. On with the show, yes?

So today we got SIX years of footage from a southern California Indy wrestling promotion called "International Wrestling Council". They are an older promotion that went out of business a while back, but they have some pretty interesting stuff. A ton of Frankie Kazarian matches from early in his career, there is some B-Boy stuff, even a little bit of Puma before he was known as Puma (in this fed he was known as "Pinoy Boy").. And to spice it up a bit, there is even Cheerleader Melissa in this stack of footage; way back in her valet days with the Ballards. There is a ton of footage (64 discs! Jeez!) which means a ton of work for me, but I think it will totally be worth it to see a lot of my favorite Indy stars back when they were all very green. I'll let everyone know how the actual footage looks once I get into reviewing it.

In other news, I just finished previews for a batch of new women's matches from RF Direct called "IndyGirls 3". There are some really great matches in this batch, including some April Hunter, Talia, and Tracey Brooks stuff. I am a bit worried that some of the previews came off a little racey, especially the Talia/Alicia match.. But you guys will let me know what you think once they are released, right? =)

And as for the match that came out today, we have Pinoy Boy (Yay Puma!) against Ricky Reyes. Puma is one of my favorite wrestlers these days.. There is something about the way he moves.. He's a total predator. In any case, this match has him when he was totally green. You see all the spudding potential and he looks completely different without his developed body and mask.

Anyways, that's the day at work for me! If ya'll ever have any questions or suggestions for the site, be sure to let me know!

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