Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chilled beverage, anyone?

Here's a couple photos from the office. The first is a picture of bosses desk, since he's such a mysterious guy and I can't seem to get him to let me post a picture of him up here, it'll have to do. Second is me and my AWESOME new present. Bossman bought me a soda-cooler thing that plugs in to my USB drive. It's absolutely fabulous. Keeps my sodas nice and chilly. =) Last is a picture of Chris, complaining that I am taking a picture of him. Why are all the men in my office so uptight about photos?

Anyway, things at office are great. Chris just wrapped up the ChickFight 6 DVD, so that will be in stores by the end of this week! Super cool. Of course, keep your eye on if you want to buy ChickFight 1 - 5. It looks really good. The graphics are awesome. The matches are super. You can of course by the matches on ClickWrestle as well. They are all available now.

I have a TON of new footage from Germany getting ready to hit ClickWrestle. Mostly footage from wXw and German Stampede Wrestling. Should be some great stuff. Also, WXW has agreed to distribute DVD's to our international fans so if you'd like to buy some ChickFight DVD's internationally check out their shop!

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